Dear Fellow Caledonians,

What a wonderful sight it was to see the “Caledonian Barge” cruising down the Nahoon River under blue skies, when we recently welcomed our Federation Chief, Fred Brokenshire, to East London.  With two pipers and a drummer in the bow, Fred and 30 Caledonians on board and the St Andrews Saltire flying overhead, we were quite a sight. Little wonder that people on the banks waved and cheered as we went past.1

With a Ceilidh on the Saturday evening, it was a busy weekend with plenty of fun and entertainment.  However on the Saturday morning, the Federation Chief and your Committee did find time to meet at Pine Creek for a ‘working’ breakfast.  Our focus was on the future of the Caledonian Movement and it was a most productive meeting. Unless every Society and Caledonian pulls together, we may see an end to the Caledonian Movement and the preservation of our Scots heritage for future generations.2

We have since put together a memorandum and have sent it to the Federation Chief for consideration by Central Council. We look forward to receiving their response.3

But as you will know from our Newsletters, we do not rest on our laurels and there is always a Caledonian ‘happening’ in the pipeline.  On Thursday 25 May at 6pm, we will be having a Games Evening at the MOTH Hall.  Please join us for an evening of fun (and hotdogs!).

Finally we are coming to the end of our Caledonian year and I remind you to diarise the AGM on the 14 June 2017 at 19.00 in the Oak Room.  Please make a point of attending.

This is your opportunity to make a contribution to the Society and to vote in the Chief and Committee you would like to see in charge for the coming year.

NEWS OF MEMBERS  Congratulations to a number of our younger Caledonians, who continue to excel on the sports fields.  In particular, well done to the Middleton twins, Britney and Emily, who have been awarded their Border Hockey colours. Swimming South Africa have just released their national rankings for 2016 and Tumi Macdonell has been ranked number 4 in her age group for the 100m freestyle. Tumi has also been made the Stirling Primary U13 Netball Captain – well done, Tumi !

A “Get Well” message to Callum MacIver, who has had a second knee operation.  He is now home and recovering.  Finally Agnes Cowie will be going to Sedgewick for a week.


Thursday 25 May            Games Evening.  Hot Dogs (with a Cash Bar) at the MOTH Hall

R25pp.  5.30pm for 6pm

PIPE BAND   The Band played on the barge for the Fed Chief and at the Diesel Depot Run.   The Band will have a very busy day on Saturday 27 May as they will be playing at (1) McClelland Bazaar (9.30am) (2) Mother and daughter tea at George Randall High School (10.45am) (3) Stirling Primary Games Day (11.30) and (4) Airfest at Wings Park (13.30).  They have every right to be out of breath after that lot …  Finally looking further forward, the Band has been invited to the re-opening of Drill Haĺl on 24 June and to the Komga Show on 7 October.

LADIES GROUP    April meeting at hosted by Sandra Rankin went well.   Next meeting will be at 9.30am on Tuesday 6 June 2017 at Nookie Middleton’s home, Cottage C5 Parklands.

S.C.D.C   Country Dancers danced for the Fed Chief. Weekly meetings continue on Tuesdays at the Hams Club from 4pm – 5.30pm on Tuesdays.

HIGHLAND AND IRISH DANCERS   A very productive dancing workshop was held on 26 April and well done to all the dancers who competed at the East Coast Dancing Festival on 20 May.  Unfortunately it was not possible to arrange a group to go to the South Coast Dancing Festival. Like the Band, the dancers will also have a busy day on 27 May at the McClelland Home, George Randall High School, Stirling Primary School and the Airfest (See Band Entry for times).


May 2017 (Remainder) June 2017
Date Name: Contact: Date Name: Contact:
20 Beryl MacIver 043 722 0875 11 Jean Sansom 043 735 2788
22 Tanya Macdonell 074 446 0480 20 Margaret Murray 043 726 1157
26 Ken Scott 083 274 3349 23 Ralph Anley 082 469 9424

COMMITTEE    Next meeting of the Committee will be on Thursday 8 June 2017 at 7.30 pm at Nookie Middleton’s home, Cottage C5 Parklands.


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